15 Tips on how to last longer in bed

1. Squeeze the head.

When you feel that you are about to ejaculate, stop and squeeze right below the head of the penis. This pushes the blood out of the penis and temporarily blocks the ejaculatory response.

2. Do a Kegel.

A kegel is an exercise that will help you control your ejaculation. When you are urinating, stop mid flow for a few seconds, keep urinating, stop mid flow for a few seconds, and so on. Practice your kegels every time you urinate.

3. Don't thrust.

Gently press your penis head into her clitoral head, keeping it around the entrance of the vagina, which is a very sensitive part  of the vagina. Don't push all the way into the vagina, just penetrate the first 2-3 inches.

4. Get some Prozac or other Stimulant.

A recent scientific study has shown that around 73 percent of men who suffered from premature ejaculation, were cured or partially cured after taking 20 milligrams of Prozac.  If you are not comfortable with prescription drugs or the side effects of Prozac you can also take  Vigrx-plus which is a more natural alternative.

5. Let her be on top.

If she climbs on top of you , your penis is less stimulated, and she feels more in charge.

6. Don't focus on the orgasm.

The more attention you give to the orgasm , the faster you will get it. During sex, try thinking of other things and this will slow down your reaction to an early ejaculation.

7. Go for round 2.

If you finished early the first time, take a break and try again. It may be more difficult to get aroused, but you will definitely last longer. The more you practice this, the longer your first time will last.

8. Predict your ejaculation.

There are four phases in the sexual cycle: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Try and recognize this during your sexual activity and rate your excitement from 1-10. Try staying at 7.

9. Control your masterbation.

Masturbate for a longer time than you normally do. Set a longer time limit and work yourself to ejaculate around that time.

10. Please her first.

Let her have an orgasm first before you. It will make her feel better both sexually, and psychologically.

11. Spend more time with foreplay.

Find out what stimulates your partner and spend time doing it. If your partner takes 20 minutes to get an orgasm and you only take 5 minutes, then spend 15 minutes on foreplay, so when you enter her, you can be assured that both of you will climax together and your premature ejaculation problems will be behind you forever!

12.  Control your thoughts and relax your mind.

One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is when you concentrate too hard on not ejaculating fast. If you think positively that you will not climax before your partner and learn to relax, you will endure a much longer lasting and pleasant sexual experience.  The ejaculation trainer  is a great guide on controlling your thoughts and techniques during foreplay and intercourse. 

13. Discover the best positions.

Spend time with your partner to find the positions that will not excite you early prolonging your ejaculation. Sometimes letting your partner stay on top of you will allow her to dictate the pace, preventing you from a premature ejaculation.

14. Control your breathing

Like any exercise, breathing is very important. If you can master the breathing technique of regular evenly spaced breaths you will have won a significant battle in your war against premature ejaculation. 

15. Practice often

To become good at anything you must keep practicing until you get it right. This is the reason why more mature adults are usually very 'masterful' when it comes to sex. They do not have the problem of premature ejaculation as those who are just beginning their sexual careers.